Analysis of patients hospitalized by Covid-19 regarding oral care during hospitalization




Dentists, COVID-19, Oral Hygiene, Hospitalization


Oral health interferes with the general condition of the individual, because the oral cavity is a gateway and habitat for pathogens, especially in hospitalized people. There are several diseases that directly interfere in the oral cavity, such as Covid 19. Studies report oral changes in patients infected by SARS-CoV2 and point to the need for satisfactory oral hygiene during hospitalization in order to avoid the occurrence of oral lesions that increase the risk for the individual. The objective of this research is to emphasize the importance of the dentist in hospitals, pointing out the oral diseases that can be caused by poor oral hygiene during hospitalization. For the execution of the work, a questionnaire was carried out with patients who were hospitalized in Covid-19, clarifying if, during the hospitalization period, these patients received help in oral hygiene and if they noticed oral changes. The results achieved are in accordance with the literature, taking into consideration the age range of those affected by covid, over 50 years old, and the length of hospitalization, ran- ging from 10 days. Many hospitals still neglect the dental service and the patient himself performs the oral hygiene. The most common lesions reported by those infected by the virus were taste alteration, xerostomia and thrush, besides caries and dental calculus. We concluded the relevance of the odontologist far beyond the prevention of lesions, but in contributing to the recovery of the individual and the importance of adopting measures for the oral adequacy of hospitalized patients.


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